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Pediatric Chiropractic at Abingdon Chiropractic Center

Did you know every contraction during the birthing process puts 60 pounds of pressure on an infant’s head and neck?

From a chiropractic view point, the number-one challenge for a newborn is a misalignment of the cervical spine that comes as a result of being strained during the birth process. If left uncorrected in infancy, it becomes a chronic issue that continues for the rest of one’s life until corrected.

From the moment your child is born, chiropractic is a safe, natural form of health care to choose for them. As a child develops he/she learns to crawl, walk and run. Accidents, bumps and bruises occur and can lead to further misalignment, demonstrating the need for chiropractic care until your child is grown.

A Healthier Future

Abingdon Chiropractic Center has many young patients who love getting adjusted. Chiropractic care helps ensure their proper development by giving them the best health care available. Your child will have a healthier experience in life with a properly aligned spine.

If a child has a spinal misalignment, we want to help them heal it and get them on the right track for a bright future. Some of the symptoms we have observed associated with upper cervical misalignment shortly or soon after birth include

  • Colic
  • Projectile vomiting
  • Sleeping problems
  • Recurring ear nose throat infections

The Happiness Connection

Children who have regular chiropractic care tend to be happier, according to Dr. Brian. The number of children on medications for hyperactivity or depression is quite concerning and growing every day. In our experience, children who are experiencing emotional problems or learning challenges in school see improvement within weeks of getting regular adjustments. Chiropractic’s positive effect on the nervous system is something we consistently see!


How long will it take before my child starts to get results?

Fortunately, children respond quickly to chiropractic care. Their problems haven’t been present for years or decades, unlike those of an adult. There is no set timeframe in which you can expect results; however, we expect to see a difference fairly early on in their care.

Are there key developmental stages that need extra attention?

An initial spinal exam as soon after birth as possible to gently release the tension associated with the birthing process.

Crawling is an important stage. A child should develop equal and coordinated movement of both arms and legs during the crawling stage. Ideally, this needs to occur before learning to walk. Dragging one leg, scooting without crawling, and imbalanced use of the arms require attention.

Walking is a milestone. Again, look for good coordination, no inward or outward turning of the feet as your child walks. It takes a while to develop good coordination with walking and it’s a good idea to have the little one checked during this phase of development.

Once a child is walking with ease, it’s important to look for good posture. Looking from the back you want to see level shoulders, head level and a straight spine. From the side you want to see the head centered over the shoulders, a slight backward curve in the upper back and a slight forward curve in the lower back. Anything other than that needs further attention.

It’s a good practice to have your child’s spine checked at least once per year.

What techniques do you use to adjust a child?

The gentle techniques used at our office such as NetworkSpinal and Logan Basic are appropriate and very effective for children.

What is the new patient process like for a child?

The new patient process for your child is much like that of an adult. We’ll talk to you about their history, perform an examination and give a report of findings. We understand that your child won’t be able to sit quietly, and they’re free to play or take a toy in with them to our exam room while we talk to Mom or Dad.

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