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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Abingdon Chiropractic Center

Support for Expectant Mothers

Chiropractic is a completely safe and effective form of health care for pregnant women. Pregnancy causes changes in hormone, posture and spinal stress that you did not have before. We welcome you to go through this beautiful time of your life with the assistance of our spinal experts, who can help keep you comfortable and happy.

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

There is a direct relationship between your health and your baby’s health when you are pregnant. To help prepare for the birth process, we encourage moms-to-be to engage in regular exercise such as walking, particularly during the last trimester. Chiropractic care also helps mom and baby stay healthy and has many benefits:

  • It will make sure your pelvis is in proper alignment for the birthing process while helping to correct and prevent any pregnancy-related pains.
  • Adjustments will keep your body as flexible as possible.
  • Your nervous system will operate at its highest potential.

Chiropractic and Natural Childbirth

According to Dr. Brian, chiropractic offers the best opportunity for a mom who wants to go through natural childbirth to prepare. He also recommends Lamaze childbirth education classes.

If you have any questions about resources during your pregnancy, we’ll be more than happy to give you our best advice.

Support for Every Step

You will receive our health experts’ advice during each stage of your pregnancy. We will support you on each step until you get to experience your baby’s successful labor and birth. The frequency of your visits with us will depend on the health of your nervous system and the shape and tone of your spine.


Is an adjustment during pregnancy gentle?

Yes. The two primary techniques we use for pregnant mothers are gentle: NetworkSpinal and Logan Basic. The adjustments using these methods are gentle and completely safe for you and your baby. You won’t have to worry about any force being necessary for your adjustment. We also have special adjusting tables we use for pregnant mothers which are comfortable for you and your child.

Does it take long to get an adjustment?

No. You’ll be in and out of the office quickly. We respect your time, will see you promptly and make your visits efficient.

What is the process for a pregnant new patient?

The process for pregnant women to become new patients is much like the process for any other new patient. The exception is that we’ll never take X-rays on pregnant patients. After a thorough evaluation, we can determine if you’re a good candidate for what we do. If so, you’ll get our best recommendations on how to be your healthiest at this time of life.

Is there a special diet during pregnancy?

First, we recommend you follow your OBGYN’s advice concerning vitamin and mineral supplementation and limited use of prescription or over the counter medications. It’s important to remain as chemically clean as possible throughout your pregnancy.

Second, eating a low sugar and no (or very limited) flour diet is ideal. You want a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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